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Bridal Boudoir, and Boudoir Photography has become extremely popular over the past few years.  Almost 90 percent of all the brides we photograph either want it done on their wedding day or book a boudoir session before their special day.  It is a great gift to your future husband or even for your self.  

There is something so beautiful  and romantic  about bridal boudoir sessions, the veil, the delicate lingerie, the lace, the sexy outfits, the way she smiles thinking about her upcoming wedding day, all of it is just so gorgeous. Being a specialist in Boudoir Photography located in Tracy California, Just outside of the San Francisco Bay area.     Being in front of a camera in lingerie can be really intimidating.  I will help guide you with what will look good on you outfit wise,  I will pose you head to toe during the shoot to make you look your best.   The best place to have your boudoir session done is either in Studio, at your residence, or at a hotel room. Big windows create magical boudoir images.  If you are searching for the best boudoir photographer in Tracy and Surrounding areas, then contact Rossetti photography

We specialize in Boudoir photography in Tracy, California, Livermore California, Walnut Creek California, San Jose California, San Francisco California, Danville California.  

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