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What's in my bag


Canon 5D M4

Canon Eos5


Canon 11-24 4.0

Canon 24-70 2.8II

Canon 70-200 2.8

Canon 135 2.0


2 Profoto B10's

2 Profoto A1's

USB Drives

These Fantastic Usb drives from are simply the best. They offer this Ubie Ninja flash drive, which is my absolute favorite. The dual Type C/Type A connector, and lightning fast USB 3.1 speeds is the best on the market. This flash drive is able to flip around with ease to showcase the connector type you need at any moment. One of the many great features of the Ubie Ninja is its compact size, which makes it easy to hide in pockets or hook onto a key loop. Another feature that makes this drive a world-class fighter is its solid metal exterior that not only makes it extremely attractive but also durable against wear and tear. Plus, with our digital, laser, and color printing, you'll be able to flaunt your business logo front and center for all to see. There is really no better way to gain a black belt of excellence for your business than with this high-tech custom flash drive.