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Union Hill Wedding photography Sonora California

Jenna & Cody Wedding at Union Hill Inn, Sonora California

Jenna and Cody Got married at the beautiful Union Hill inn, in Sonora California. This beautiful venue is a hidden gym located in Northern Calfironia's beautiful foothills. The chapel at this rustic wedding venue is one of the best I have ever seen. It is so romantic and it especially looks amazing at night. The Chapel is lit up inside and it looks like its straight out of a romance novel. Union Hill inn is one of my favorite wedding venues in Northern California. It is very unique and provides future bride and grooms the rustic look and romantic look they are looking for. Union Hill inn is a hour and half away from the bay area in the foothills. The staff provides outstanding service, places to stay the night, and clean air for guests. There are hotels within a few short miles so your guest can have fun and party. When I photograph a wedding, I usually start with the groom and the groomsmen. The reason for this is because the ladies seem to always run behind. After the grooms portraits are taken, I go and hang out with the ladies and take bridal portraits. Here are a few photos from this couples special day.