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Welcome to my home page, this page should be helpful for you to see some of my work. I specialize in wedding photography and engagement photography. I create magical moments that couples will have for the rest of the life. My images will be timeless, they are not whats in now but out a year from now. I like to provide my clients with rich vibrant colors, emotion, and passion in my photographs. I love being a photographer based in Tracy, California.  Im am centrally located to photograph weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yosemite Valley, the Silicon Valley, Lake Tahoe weddings, etc.  I also have a love for family portraits, boudoir, and seniors portraits.  I want my client to look back at their photo 10 years from now and spark a memory, or a emotion, a smile, a laugh, a tear drop just by looking at a single picture.  That is the main reason why I started Rossetti photography.  I loved the feeling of making clients happy, I love the likes on facebook, the shares, the comments of how a photo made people feel.