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Fitness Lighting Tips

Lighting tips for fitness


Fitness photography is a lot different than normal portrait photography. The key to having a successful fitness photography session is to having multiple light sources. You want to have at least 2 lights to carve into the shadows and highlight the muscles of your subject. Using a strip box with a grid is preferred with a third light being a main light for the face. During a recent fitness shoot at a local cross fit gym, we used a two light set up with colored gels to give an interesting and unique look to the athlete. The other helpful tool for a successful fitness shoot is to give your athlete or fitness subject some shine. Bring some baby oil, or some olive oil spray to give the portraits some shine to them which really makes them stand out. It is also easier to have a v-flat or a dark back ground to keep the distractions away and focus on the subject. The three photos below are examples of using a 2 light set up with a strip box and a grid with gels. Playing around with gels is fun, its important to choose the colored gels that go togetherCALIFORNIA FITNESS PHOTOGRAPHERBay area fitness photographers Creative SF Bay Area Fitness Photographer